It's an Adventure!

Life would be pretty boring without the adventure.  Whether it's a planned adventure or a little adversity, it's the hope of what lies around the next turn, or what tomorrow will bring, that keeps us trudging along.  As I wander about hiking, kayaking, or just looking for a really great photo opportunity, it's the wonders of this magnificent world that keep my hope bright.  Life always finds a way, and that tells me that we can find our way as well.

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Camper Upgrade

While our Little Guy Five Wide camper has served us well, we decided it was time for an upgrade to something a little bigger that we could actually move around …

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New Tacoma 4×4

Since I was pretty negative toward Toyota of Orlando after their bait and switch attempt, I thought I would post something positive about Phillips Toyota right here in Leesburg.  Stephanie …

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Toyota of Orlando Scam

I’m interested in buying a Toyota Tacoma 4×4 because I need more towing capacity than my RAV4 can handle.  I’ve been doing some research and shopping around on the internet …

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