Toyota of Orlando Scam

I’m interested in buying a Toyota Tacoma 4×4 because I need more towing capacity than my RAV4 can handle.  I’ve been doing some research and shopping around on the internet the last week or so and came across a a pickup that caught my eye.  It was a 4×4 with the towing package and some other features that I’m interested in.  Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but it is highly likely this is the last vehicle I will buy for many years.

Notice the Get E Price button in my image above?  Well after looking over the specs and features of the truck, I clicked the button.

This window popped open so I filled out my contact info and put in a comment to please contact via email.  I fully expected that I would get a reply with a price for the pickup.  While I didn’t expect it to be anything earth-shattering, I at least expected something different than the so-called MSRP (love those little asterisks dealers put after these things).

A few minutes later I got my first email:

Wait, where’s the e-price?  While I appreciate their effort to schedule a test drive and get me on their lot, all I wanted was to see the e-price.  So I replied and asked about the e-price.  Here’s what I got:


Wait again.  None of these are the vehicle I clicked on.  Oh, I get it.  Guess what?  Yep, it’s a classic bait and switch.  I guess the truck I want isn’t on sale, or maybe isn’t even available, but they have these three trucks they want to sell me.  And of course, none of these are even close to what I’m looking for.  So I replied not to bother contacting me and that I don’t do bait and switch deals.  Guess I need to find an honest Toyota dealer.

So good job losing a potential customer, Toyota of Orlando.

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