Sea Eagle Paddleski

I have a Sea Eagle Paddleski that I absolutely love.  It’s an extremely versatile boat that is great for rivers, small lakes and ponds; basically, the places you can’t take a regular boat.  I’ve done a lot of fishing, paddling, and even snorkeling in my Paddleski.  So, imagine my dismay when I pumped it up last week for a trip on Lake Myakka and found that both of the end caps on the pontoons were leaking.  Although the boat is no longer under warranty, I was really disappointed that I didn’t even get to the four year mark with it.  For the price, I really expected it to last much longer.

I fired off an email to Sea Eagle expressing my concerns and asking if there was anything they could do to help a disappointed customer.  In the meanwhile, I was shopping already for another boat.  They asked for pictures so I sent the two above where you can see the glue has lost its hold and the tube has separated from the end cap.  I sent videos too so they could hear the air hissing away.  Well, to my surprise and great delight, I got a call from their service department.  Because the boat isn’t too far out of warranty, they said they would fix it and ship it back to me no charge if I would pay the shipping to get the boat to them.  $50 versus $1,100?  Yep, I’ll pay the shipping.

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